Activities of Kraan & Baan Techniek:

In addition to new construction, Kraan & Baan Techniek also performs maintenance and repairs on existing crane tracks. The most common activities for this purpose are:

  • Measuring crane tracks to verify dimensions.
  • Aligning crane tracks that no longer meet the correct dimensions.
  • Inspections of crane tracks where issues have been identified. For example:
  • Replacement of crane wheels.
  • Knocking sound during crane usage.
  • Repairing weld cracks, Kraan & Baan Techniek is skilled in both formwork welding and thermite welding.
  • Possibly replacing crane track components such as worn pieces, rails, rail profiles, rubber mats, and clamps.

Rail Welding Work

  • Thermite Welding (also known as aluminum thermic welding)
  • Formwork Welding

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