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Installation, repair, and maintenance of a crane rail is a highly specialized endeavor. The key components of crane rails are the rails themselves and the clamp plates. K&BT provides all types of rail profiles and fastening materials to expertly install, repair, and maintain your crane rail.

Crane Rail Fastening

Crane rail fastening systems must meet specific requirements. Optimized for high loads and adapted to application possibilities. Crane rail fastening is globally recognized for its high-quality systems. One of the systems we work with is Gantrail.

Fastening Materials:

  • Base plate, two types: steel-reinforced and non-steel-reinforced.
  • Anchors and adjusters, Kraan & Baan Techniek advises on the required steel strength.
  • Base plates (continuous and discontinuous base plates).
  • Crane rail beams, HEA or HEB profiles; if beam replacements are needed, Kraan & Baan Techniek can execute this.


  • Welded block rails on an H-beam (crane rail beam for an overhead crane).
  • Bolted rails (commonly used are A-Rails) for an overhead crane.
  • Crane rail profiles mounted on sleepers (also known as ties), installed in a ballast bed.
  • Crane rail profiles on a steel baseplate. The baseplate is cast after adjusting.

Surface Treatment

Rail coating: Protects the rails and, if applicable, the baseplate from corrosion.

Gutter sealing: To prevent tripping hazards. Filling the gutter and facilitating easy passage of freight transport.

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