About Kraan & Baan Techniek

Kraan & Baan Techniek is a Crane Rail Construction company with over 40 years of experience in all types of crane rails for the concrete and steel industries. Installing a crane rail is specialized work. For everything related to rail-bound transport systems, Kraan & Baan Techniek has a solution for a problem.

Family Business

Kraan en Baan Techniek is a family business specialized in the construction, maintenance, and repair of crane rails. The company has over 40 years of experience and during this time, it has worked on many different types of crane rails. The most common types of crane rails include overhead crane rail tracks, crossbeam-mounted crane rail tracks built on a ballast bed, and crane rail tracks on an underplate with an undercasting. More about this later. Together with Nieuwesteeg Rail Service B.V. and Nieuwesteeg Infra Techniek B.V., Kraan en Baan Techniek forms the Nieuwesteeg Group.

All companies within the Nieuwesteeg Group are active in the railway construction industry. Nieuwesteeg Rail Service is a company that focuses on dispatching railway construction technicians for work on all railways falling under Pro Rail. These activities are carried out on behalf of major contractors operating directly under Pro Rail.

Examples of these activities include: laying new railways, maintaining railways and switches, welding rails (also check out our rail profiles). The third company within the group is Nieuwesteeg Infra Techniek. This company carries out infrastructure work around the railways, including laying footpaths along the railway, installing platform furniture, and placing fences along the railway.

Business Relationships

K&BT is a small company with minimal overhead, understanding what our relationships want and what they can expect from K&BT. Therefore, we take care of our relationships to minimize disruptions and keep crane rail costs as low as possible.

K&BT is a reliable partner in crane rail and construction maintenance. We always view the assignments from our relationships as challenges and take them on with 100% confidence and dedication. K&BT doesn’t leave relationships with problems but instead collaborates with them to resolve issues and ensure well-maintained crane rails.

Installation of Crane Rails

Our skilled professionals install the crane rail from A to Z. They measure your crane rail and use these data to install it within established tolerances. A measurement report is created with the exact positioning of your crane rail.

Repair of Crane Rails

We not only install new crane rails but also repair your existing ones. An end report with the correct measurement data is created to demonstrate that your repaired crane rail falls within tolerance. This ensures proper crane operation and minimal wear on the crane rails in the future.

Crane Rail Inspection

Well-maintained crane rails are crucial for your operations to continue. Regular inspection of your crane rail can identify problems before they result in complete downtime due to a poorly functioning crane rail. K&BT thoroughly inspects your crane rail and conducts measurements. As the outcome of our inspection, you receive a report with our findings and recommendations to keep your crane rail in optimal condition.

Ancillary Activities of K&BT

  • Repairs, inspections, and maintenance of steel structures.
  • Creating walkways and machine platforms as desired.
  • Executing assembly and disassembly of structures and machines.
  • Installing fall protection systems.
  • Painting of structures and cranes.

Knowledge, Experience, and Tools In-House

Kraan & Baan Techniek has all the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience in-house to quickly install a perfect crane rail for you. We work with our own materials and transportation. In addition to rapid installation, we have years of experience in repairing, renovating, and maintaining crane rails.

Skilled Company

In short, Kraan & Baan Techniek is a company you can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 12 months a year to solve crane rail and construction problems for you with a team of skilled professionals.